Sunday, July 28, 2013

So I've decided I'm going to be re-uploading a long series of captions that I made for a caption website from my Ecirava account not too long ago. Hopefully I'll dedicate some more time into making captions later on :3.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Castle Escape 1.1 Finally finished!

It's here!

More than a year later and after countless tweaking, I've finally finished 'Castle Escape'. Castle Escape is a game where you play as an amnesic, downtrodden stranger and must seek to escape from your castle, or at the very least find something better to do. Different characters can be 'unlocked' and paths can be unveiled depending on the actions of your character(s), which lead to an assortment of different fetish-based endings where you'll travels will end, and new life will begin!

Be warned, although there is no adult 'explicit content', there are a lot of sexual and fetish undertones. Notably the game includes themes of transgender, age regression, transformation, subjugation, mind control and personality changes, as well as some other.

Although the plot is simple/non-existent, and the game caters to quite a few fetishes, it's ultimately a light-hearted game with whimsical humor and nonsensical dialogue. Anime and internet references are abound and some game endings actually revolve around such. For those looking for a simple, fluffy RPG game based around transformations, this is a fun game that I think many of you will enjoy!

Here's the link:

Just download it from here, extract it from there, and play!

Please give feedback, so any improvements or suggestions you have can be heard!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Orange hair Door Hindge Hair

Certainly not some weird hobo that just walked in to use their bathroom and looking for two guys who just stole his favorite card-board box pillow.

And the title doesn't rhyme. It just never does. You just cannot do it.
42+413 = The answer to the universe = Orange =/= Door Hindge = The Secret to Life = Pretzels

Animes this month and to come

Alright, so here's to begin the section of this blog where I actually start taking teh Animes into consideration. I'm going to be periodically watching these in the backround and giving my opinions and judgements, and if it's good maybe entire thesis's around these series. I figure if I'm announcing this on a public albit obscure and insignificant blog, I might be slightly more motivated to get around to watching this. Plus I'll be more motivated in school due to being more motivated to wanting to watch these. Mostly it will be anime, but as I said I'm open to whatever floats my boat. It may be western cartoons or even sitcoms, although I'm tempted to make that a seperate section of this little review segment.
Lots of them will have Transgendered, Gender Bender, Fetish-bases, Yuri or Yaoi content. Others might have philosophical questioning or deep thought based medium. (Although not enoguh to be boring,confusing or overbearing, like Neon Genesis) And still others perhaps will be 'just because.'
Kiddy Grade

This is a show I've been wanting to watch for a long time. It has space drama, action, lipstick weapons, comedy, and yuri-undertones, what more could one ask for? Also Éclair is really cool and hot. Also her outfit reminds me of another character that I'll save the mention for at another time.


I've heard a lot of good things about this series, and it's become pretty main-stream throughout the TG online sphere. (I've seen it tons in art, TG captions,ect) It has some supposed good action too it seems. So this one I shall be giving a try.

Noein is a series I picked up recently because the concept seemed kind of interesting. Time-travel was involved and so was teen-angst, soooo much angst it could make both Sasuke and Shinji Ikari roll over in their Okatu graves. But the opening scene (on the first episode) was good and there's some decent drama going on. I'm 3 episodes in, but I'll keep shoveling through it and see what results.

HxH (2011 Version)
Apparently they re-booted this series, which I was sooo soo so happy for. It's been ages since I've watched some of the original and the OVAS, longer still since I've read the manga. Those dang Hiatuses always did in for me. But now the show and series is back, and my excitement has reverberated once again down this echo of nostalgia. Although it will be quite a while before we see the likes of Gender-Traps Pitou, Kalluto, or Alluka, I'll tough it out for the long ride ahead.

       Jigoku Shōjo (Hell Girl)
Have seen some of this show recently, it's really creepy but suprisingly captivating. It also reminded me of XXXHolic another show that caught my eye with it's 'occult like themes'. I don't know yet if there's an over-arching plot since they all seem to be shorts based around the same concept, but I'll keep an eye on it.

Well, that's all for now. I suppose I'll get around to these. There a few others I want to watch through and review as well, (BlackButler, more of the Slayers' Series) but they're have to wait for another time when I burn through this wood of japanese animation. There's lots of space in the forest, and this lumber-jack Pyro has plenty of fuel to use up.


Fighting Space Pirates one boner at a time

I was constantly fiddling around with the font and colors to see how unbelieably obnoxious I could make this. Turns out it wasn't very hard. So your welcome for not choosing a font like 'Goudy Stout.' In exchange for not using that font, I reserve the right to not take the effort to photoshop Éclair into a less-nonexistant backround. The infinite white-space of the multiverse will serve her quite well.

Love-Dolly Bffs

By the way, that's not a beach they're hanging out at. It's a photo-shoot with a fake beach drop-scene! Not that Sheila and her Love-Dolly mind modeling, teehee...

Getting Back into the Swing of Ding a Ling Thinga Ma' Jings

Well hey guys and gals, whoever still follows this blog is. (Which is no-one ^-^) I've decided I'm going to try getting back into this blog. A long time ago back when you could get a star-bucks coffee for only slightly overpriced payments, I started this blog because I liked TG captions and MC captions and also Anime. And then I stopped /:C. My laptop broke, school got a little rougher, and life got in the way of these silly little fantasies we like to entertain ourselves with. But luckly, that's still a thing, the liking stuff thing. I've also been slowly working on my artwork as well inbetween in hope I could use some of my own art. I considered getting a tumblr inbetween then, but it just hasn't happened. Until I get a better tablet (or pen replacement) and start drawing a bunch of good stuff (which will be hopefully) soon, this blog and the images I get from google images, image boards and stock websites will have to do.
I hope you all enjoy my continued blogging here. I'm going to make more anime captions obviously, with TG and MC and other sexy fetishes if I can think of them on a whim. But I'm also going to try to be as they say, more 'lax' and be open to other content, casual if you will. This will include updates on my TG RPG games (I had to start over on the last one. But I am working on it, rest assured.), reviews of anime/shows, my own thoughts or whims, and even critisms or opinions on other TG works or blogs. Literature and story stuff too, since I'm a huge writing/reading buff. (Which is partially why I find the format of a tg 'caption' so interesting, as opposed to merely pictures/sequences)
Well, tis all I can think of for now. Here, have some TG captions, Ima get these out before life demands it's awful intrusions again.